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  Hobby N Coffee Latte Art Gallery / Showcase 

This represent only a small a tiny fraction of all the latte art by the Senior Barista Stephen Yong.
*Fair use copyright usage apply for all Latte art done by us.
Student - Cats Paw Student - Cute Panda Student - Mirror Image Student - Mirror Image
Student - Panda n Fern Student - PvZ Peashooter Aliens from Mars with love Happy Star
Milkyway Irish Pour Planets and stars latte art PVZ Garlic PVZ Peashooter
PVZ Sunflower Angelic Wings Flow of the fern Growth of the fern
Supernova Iphone Icon Email Iphone Icon Facebook Iphone Icon WhatsApp
Iphone Icon YouTube Boring Apple Coffee in the middle Coffee mug latte art
Cute Uni Strawberry Bart Simpson latte art from The Simpsons Batman
Bayax latte art from Big Hero 6 Busy bee Cookie Monster Ghost from pacman
Olaf from Frozen Shaun the sheep Smurf stitch latte art
Doraemon latte art Hello kitty in an apple Hello Kitty latte art Naruto Uzumaki latte art
One Piece pirate flag latte art Pikachu Pikachu latte art Soul eater latte art
Soul eater side view latte art Soul from soul eater latte art Totoro latte art Angry Bird latte art
Angry Bird Macha Latte Art Angry bird with hearts latte art Angry birds in space Angry Birds Nuked
Angry birds vs bad piggies latte art Bad piggies latte art Cat Cats paw latte art
Coconut tree latte art Dice Fat Penguin latte art Happy Star latte art
Hawaii Light bulb latte art Meeples latte art Mirror Image v1 latte art
Mirror Image v2 latte art Mirror Image v2 side view latte art Orchid Flower Panda latte art
Panda with word bubble latte art Silly monkey latte art Two Pandas latte art

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