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  #3. Latte Art Training > Summary  

In this course you will learn latte art. The senior barista will personally instruct and supervise your training regards to latte art making.

- To teach you the basics and how you can draw anything on your own

Course includes:
- 3x demo
- Train you to do Pour Art (Latte Art)
- Latte art styles: pouring, rosetta
- Max ~4 students per trainer

Duration 2-3 hours
Course fees: RM200 per head
Ingredient cost = RM100 you get 5-7 coffee drinks, 3x demo, machine+equipment usage
Total cost=RM300 Not Inc Gst

  Who should attend?  

1. Existing cafe owners or those planning to start a cafe: gain an advantage & to ensure your coffee looks like it is professionally done with superb latte art on it

2. Existing baristas who wish to improve on their resume/CV for potential better salary

3. Art lovers who wish to attempt to use coffee as their canvas to draw

4. Coffee lovers who have a great passion for coffee

5. Those who wish to purchase a home based espresso machine and wish to impress their friends/guests

  Certificate of Attendance  

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  Certificate of Attendance will be provided for those who attends this traiing.

  Additional Info 

o Class will be conducted in a Cafe environment
o All equipment is provided (ex: termometer, milk pitcher, tamper). You are allowed to bring and use your own equipment if it is suitable (correct size). If you wish to bring your own, ensure the milk pitcher size can cater for an 8 ounce coffee drink (standard European size); tamper size 58.
o For hygiene purposes an apron is not provided. You can bring your own apron; protection against getting your clothing dirty (ex: spill milk)

  Sample videos of our training  

*Real sample videos of coffee tamping & latte art conducted by our senior barista

Additional info:
1. Coffee lessons will be based on European espresso style
2. Classes will be conducted at the cafe (TTDI,KL); limited to our operational days
3. For offsite classes, you will need a commercial espresso machine with a commercial coffee grinder (used mainly in cafes). Transportation fees will apply for offsite classes, charges vary depending on your location. No refunds will be given in the event of issues/problems with your espresso machine (ex: not configured properly).
4. Although the barista will instruct all safety pre-caution; the class is to be taken at your own risk (ex: no claims for you spilling milk on your shirt)

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Latte Art - Bart Simpsons
Bart Simpsons
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Panda in forest

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